More Kind Words From a Happy User

Nothing makes my day like a kind email from a happy ChurchInfo user.  Naomi from Gibsons, BC writes...

Hi, just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate the ChurchInfo database. It's so easy to use and logical, and I love the fact that it's stored online. We were using a paid service that was causing me no end of grief. I had to constantly contact them about this bug and that bug and wait days, weeks for them to answer me. It was so incredibly frustrating. Then my hubby did a search and found this for our church to use. My job has been a hundred times easier, I'm sure.

Absolutely, feel free to post my comment! (Or whatever follows.) I really can't say enough positive things about ChurchInfo. It's never let me down. And I barely had to glance at the tutorial. It's so user-intuitive. I rave about it to the pastor all the time. Thank you so much for providing this fantastic service.