Inexpensive Hosting Service Now Available

After more than twelve years as a purely volunteer venture ChurchInfo has teamed up with a small company called ChurchInfo Services to provide hosting service and automated installation.  This service is designed to be an inexpensive option for churches that don't have access to the necessary technical skills to build and maintain their own installations.  There is no change to the core mission and values of the ChurchInfo project.  The goal is to expand the availability of ChurchInfo to more churches, especially those which found the initial installation to be too much of a hurdle.

Here is a link to the ChurchInfo Services web site.


Collecting Attendance Data

About our demo

Our demo installation is used by many experimenters to evaluate ChurchInfo.  Please let us know promptly if you have any trouble logging in, or if the configuration or data already in the demo is hindering your evaluation.  We frequently reset the demo site data.

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